Sunday, December 2, 2007


Wow, what a busy time of year!
How did it get to be this time again!

I have been busy with holiday gifts and I thought I would share some of my efforts. Two new star scarves! YAY!! Everyone seems to like these babies so much I keep turning them out! LOL
For the fantastic pattern you have to find Crafty Chick. She is the genius behind it, I just am very enthusiastic about creating them!
I have several other projects on the go so check out Up Late Designs for more images and chat about what I have going on in my crafting. I still haven't included all the projects I am working on, as people who will be receiving them as gifts are watching this post and my other blog as well! LOL Sorry gals, no spoilers here! Of course one the holidays are over I can then post the whole spectrum of what I have been working on. That will be a great post!