Sunday, August 26, 2007

Here we go!!

So why the heck not?!?!

We want to make a great buisness out of a craft that we love right?
So let's have a place to show off our shit. Log in to this blog the way you log into the one you have..... ladies, let's get-r-done!
So what do you have to put up? Can we use this as a destination? Or should I delete it?


Steph-bunny said...

This is great, but I created a DA account also. How is a blog more professional than a Craft Gallery? ^___^

Ilix said...

Not sure, but so many people like to surf blogland!

Aimes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aimes said...

i like it! okay steph.. i didn't mean to offend you by saying it was un-professional... please do not take it so personally.. I just NEVER use.. and had never use DA before so i don't understand it.. and the fact that she asked to see Holly's purse and it's no even on there!!!! so please don't take what i said so personally.. that's not what i meant!! i'm okay with both!

Steph-bunny said...

I suppose we can use both, if you didn't understand the DA page, I could show you how to work it. But I understand if you don't feel that it's easy enough to use. Blogger has a good interface. I might keep using the DA page, I find it's a total hassle to log in to a different account other than my own! XD
I think we should go ahead with the Blogger site. It might seem a bit more personal, anyway! <33